Project website is owned by Duomo Viaggi & Turismo and is created to let the entire religious, artistic, cultural heritage be known through a series of itineraries, tours and guided tours with a particular focus on the city of Milan and Lombardy. An accurate and personalized service for parishes, schools and oratories but also for individuals and groups coming from every part of Italy and all over the world.

Many ideas and suggestions for living an experience dealing with art, faith, spirituality and culture in a different way. Half-day experiences up to 10-day tour packages divided by thematic areas.


Duomo Viaggi & Turismo ambition is to create conditions to transform every journey into a personal and spiritual growth experience; give the opportunity to be in harmony with the beauties of the world, thanks to careful selection of places and destinations, a preparation of the itinerary and a reliable support in the travel experience.

We aim to offer the opportunity to travel with knowledge: not simply being transported by someone else but drive your own steps. Do not forget  yourself in a more or less “exotic lands” of tourism instead of find your own personal and spiritual path in every destination.

Duomo Viaggi & Turismo believes in tourism as a moment with strong educational dimension, in the service of person and religious growth.


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